"I devote 150% of myself to everything I do, whether it is choreographing a routine for a show, running my studio's and now, my jewelry collection, MAKSIM."

"Jewelry has such a personal meaning to each of us. Some pieces are gifts, others we buy for our selves to mark a special achievement or occasion , but jewelry is always a special part of who we are"

The MAKSIM collection of Jewelry is bold and masculine. It can be worn everday or dress up a suit on a special ocassion. There is no better way to express yourself or show someone how you feel than with jewelry.

"I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I have enjoyed designing it"

- Maks

Available in the following stores:

- Albert's
- Amazon.com
- Anderson's Diamond Jewelers
- Arizona Diamond Center
- Dominique's Jewelry
- Endless.com
- Glennpeter Jewelers
- Greenberg's
- Gross Diamond
- Harry Ritchie's
- Hurst
- JCPenney
- Jensen
- La Masters Fine Jewelry
- Lustig
- Morgan Jewelers
- Paul's Diamond Center
- Rodeo Jewelers
- Rogers Evansville
- Sather's
- Simmons & Clark